We were all there once

Stop bogarting and help them

James “Hollywood” Macecari

We were all there once upon a time. This is something that the larger creators have forgotten. One of the main reasons I believe in helping smaller channels get noticed is because I believe that’s what bikers are supposed to be about. Bikers stick together no matter which subset we all come from. The motorcycle bonds us all. 

 I know the amount of work it can take to get noticed. I know the long hours of topic research, editing and film work needed to make a successful channel. I also know the feeling of putting in all that hard work and subs are few and far between. Many people don’t realize on YouTube for example, no matter how great the work is, YouTube will not show that video to a big audience. Building a channel takes a lot of patience and dedication, it’s this slow moving grind that discourages creators to give up. 

 This is the very reason I’ve dedicated the Thursday time slot on the morning Biker News segment to promote channels that have low subscriber counts. I’m hoping to get their names out there for people to go over to those channels and give them a look. The creator's work will speak for itself. If people like the content they will subscribe. The main point is to get people over there because YouTube doesn’t.

 As biker and motorcycle scene creators we have to stick together. No one outside our niche is going to help get you out there. That’s where bigger channels should step in and give those who have smaller audiences a hand. This shouldn’t be competition between creators, it should be about showing the biker community from all different angles and viewpoints. Isn’t that why all of us started this in the first place, to talk about the scene we all love?

 I know, us larger channels get into a bunch of drama with each other. This is especially true when it comes to talking about motorcycle club stuff. Hopefully that will change some day. Hopefully we can see the unity that motovloggers have. The motovloggers really stick together and help each other out. This is what all of us should be doing. So big channels, take some time and shout out channels that deserve to be shouted out for their work in the biker scene. Remember, you were once in their place before you blew up. Remember the smile you would get when your numbers started going up? Well, give those small creators a chance of putting a smile on their face just like you had. 

Every Thursday on the biker news segment at 8amcst on my YouTube channel. Come over and see those creators that contribute their side of the story to this fantastic scene. #ROCKON

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