Subscriber is butt hurt of Confederate Flags in the background.

Get over it

James “Hollywood” Macecari

The Confederate flag has seemed to set off some tree huggers on my YouTube channel. I did a YouTube Short the other day and behind my bar hangs a confederate flag. Crap, I even have the old Mississippi State Flag with the rebel flag hanging up. What I find funny is how butt hurt this new generation gets over that flag. 

 I guess this newer generation doesn’t understand the Confederate Flag has been a part of the biker scene for decades. The flag is a symbol of rebellion, something bikers are supposed to be about. I get it, people say I need to evolve, but that isn’t going to happen anytime soon if ever. 

 One thing I’ve learned about social media is people get so butt hurt easily it’s disgusting. Anything and everything sets off this weak ass generation. I admit I’m not into this so-called biker scene these new jacks are pushing. For those of us that have actually been around the scene a long time the stuff these kids are pushing is foreign. This is especially true with the use of social media as a tool to recruit for motorcycle clubs. 

 When I heard creators talking about using the internet as tools to recruit I was Dumbfounded. I said to myself, “You’re getting older and out of touch.” This may be but I’ll never hide my viewpoints on things, no matter how much people cry about it. 

The racist crap is old. I believe people cry racist when they don’t have any valid arguments. That crying or pointing fingers about being racist doesn’t work at all on me. So when someone complains that I have a Confederate Flag hanging it goes in one ear and out the other. Your opinion on the matter means jack shit, in other words take your opinion down the road..

I must admit I never thought I would see the day when the scene would become so politically correct. It’s no wonder we are seeing grown men in tight ass jeans, it’s like these idiots raided their ole ladies closet. I guess feminism is all the rage for these so-called men. Sorry to say, you all look like a bunch of tinker bells. Not only do these people dress like tinker bells, they cry and whine like one too. 

What’s the point of all this? Basically, go fuck yourself if you don’t like my Confederate Flags. You always have the choice of going to one of those tinker bell platforms so they can make you feel better.